• Shane Reynolds

Prosperity Affirmations

I always have more money coming in than going out

I have the exact knowledge required to make my success perfect

I am abundantly successful in everything I dedicate myself to

I am receiving more and more every day

I always have whatever I need

There is an abundance of money and it's on its way to me

I am excited to see where more money will come from next

I always have enough money to meet my needs

I am a wealth magnet

I am becoming more abundant by the day

I am grateful for all the money I have received in my life

I am using money to bless my life and other people’s lives

I am a wealth creator

The universe conspires to give me everything I need

Money comes to me effortlessly and easily

I am rich. I am abundant.

I am financially thriving.

I am happy to give because my abundance is limitless.