• Shane Reynolds

Coronavirus Affirmations

Commit to affirming yourself for at least 30 days. Just keep in mind it might take a little longer to see improvement. Set aside a few minutes 2 or 3 times a day to repeat your affirmations.

I am safe and always feel protected, I love and approve of myself.

God's protective Light surrounds me at all times and I am safe from all harm.

I am beyond group beliefs or the calendar.

I am free from all congestion and influence.

I clear my mind of all worry and show myself love and care.

I feel strong and confident in my body.

I am safe in the world and worthy of love and belonging,

I love and honor myself.

I am naturally hygienic, wash my hands and blessed with health and well-being.

I allow my mind to relax and be at peace. Clarity and harmony are within me and all around me.

I only create peaceful experiences because I love myself.

I have the capacity to take in the fullness of life.

I lovingly live life to the full and breathe with ease.

I am happy to be an example of health and happiness to others.

I will become healthier, stronger, and happier each day that goes by, and I will always seek happiness and health.

I lovingly accept myself exactly as I am.

And all is well in my world.

© Shane St Reynolds