NEW Book to Lift the Curtain on Lending Practices

NEW Book to Lift the Curtain on Lending Practices

Get a second opinion is featured in the Finance Brokers May 2017 quarterly edition of the FBAA Broker Magazine.

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Broker Magazine is published by the Finance Brokers Association of Australia Limited (FBAA) and distributed to more than 8,000 FBAA Members and Finance Industry Professionals in Australia. This online publication includes the very latest Association and Industry news, including the issues affecting Brokers in Australia.

Many Australian’s are faced with funding challenges because of the changing landscape of the Australian lending industry and often decisions are made without having taken the appropriate advice.

To most borrowers seeking funding in the private-finance sector, the world of lending beyond the major banks is largely opaque. There is no clear signage or Ikea-like how-to- put-it- together instructions to guide borrowers in the right direction to find the best fits for their needs.

Shane Reynolds is a commercial finance specialist, self-help, financial literacy author and advocate who has been a leader in the Australian finance industry for nearly two decades.

Shane’s book “Get a second opinion before you sign” is written for both the consumer and finance practitioner. It covers the essential elements in the preparation of a mortgage application and the process for successfully obtaining a commercial loan. It is an informative and accessible guide to navigating the Australian lending/borrowing process.

The book offers advice for individuals and is enriched by background information about both the history of banking and current regulations and practices. It is an authoritative, serious writing style, together with an evident passion for the subject and is for Australian and international consumers seeking guidance on getting loans, hiring professional assistance and dealing with related legal problems.

“Get a second opinion before you sign” is the essential guide to 1st & 2nd tier lending, construction finance, preferred equity & distressed debt transactions in Australia. Order your copy at

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