One year Support & Encouragement Group – Ways to Hear Your Inner Truth

One year Support & Encouragement Group – Ways to Hear Your Inner Truth

Hi everyone, its Shane PT4theMind and Welcome to our Sunday 27th January twenty nineteen one-year support & Encouragement Group. Today we are going to talk about creative ways to hear your inner truth.

In my experience, people say yes to too many things, it is important to be a team player and share your gifts—but too often we don’t know where to draw the line, and we soon find that our own health and well-being has been compromised.

The truth is: until you know what you really want to say yes to, you will continue to say yes to everything else.

Not knowing what you want can cause you to experience inner doubt, to be torn between contradictory goals, to get distracted and scattered, to feel compromised, to be exhausted, to get into unhealthy sacrifice.

Ultimately, the end result of this cycle is that you give your power away.

A way to Find Your Inner Truth is with a an Affirmation Board or vision board.

An affirmation board is a self-portrait. It’s a presentation of everything your entire being says yes to. If you are familiar with the notion of a “vision board,” it’s very similar but we want you to know that you don’t have to be limited to just images. The form of your affirmation board is entirely up to you, but here are some suggestions to get you started. Select a medium with which you are comfortable working.

Idea 1: Make a Collage
Much like a vision board, you might do a collage of hand-drawn images, or pictures cut out of magazines or printed off the Internet. If you want to travel more, find pictures of the location you have always wanted to visit. If you want to take care of your body more, find mouth-watering images of healthy foods that will honor your body like the temple it is.

As you lay out your collage, be honest with yourself: what do you really want?

The next step is to Make a List

Write down everything that you love, that makes you happy, or something that you want to bring into your life.

We encourage you to make sure your Sacred Yesses are more than just a shopping list. You might include developing a quality like courage, gratitude, or forgiveness, for instance. Maybe you want to practice a skill like meditation, yoga, painting, or cooking.

Whatever you do, keep it to one page.

The key is to express yourself, heart and soul. To focus on being rather than doing.

I encourage you to give your affirmation board plenty of time. Express yourself. Be creative. Feel free to experiment. It’s not about getting it right. And it’s not about creating something that looks good.

As you get clearer about the Sacred Yesses of your life, you experience a sense of empowerment and grace that helps you to live a truly blessed life.

Heres some affirmations to help you with your vision board.

My inner vision is always clear and focused.
I have the energy and passion to make my thoughts reality
I replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts.
View this positive affirmationI see right through appearances and illusions and know that abundance is all mine.
I am inspired with inner vision
I see in my mind a clear picture of myself having already accomplished my own true goal.

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