One year Support & Encouragement Group – Releasing The Negative & Destructive Emotions Affecting Your Stomach.

One year Support & Encouragement Group – Releasing The Negative & Destructive Emotions Affecting Your Stomach.

Hi everyone, its Shane and Welcome to our Sunday 20th January twenty nineteen one-year support & Encouragement Group. Today we are going to talk about Releasing The Negative & Destructive Emotions Affecting Your Stomach.

I hope your all having a relaxing Sunday! In the last 7 days from my positive affirmations and juice cleanse I have nearly lost 6 kilos. Lets talk about our gut health!

Did you know that approximately 75% of your immune system functioning is determined by the health of your intestines, or gut?

Your gut is a very delicate ecosystem, with more flora (healthy bacteria) in it than all the other cells in the body put together. When this ecosystem is healthy, your digestive tract has the proper balance of stomach acids and bacteria. This allows your body to breakdown food for nourishment and cell repair. Without the ability to absorb nutrition from your food and eliminate waste, you may experience all kinds of health issues that, on the surface, don’t seem to be related to digestion. These include headaches, mood issues, weight gain, menstrual cramps, fatigue, back pain, frequent colds, estrogen dominance, and more. If your digestive health is poor, everything suffers. A great remedy for this accordingly to Louise Hay is Bone broth.

The digestive system actually produces more neurotransmitters than the brain does. I suspect that people antidepressants altogether just by supporting their digestive system.

The phrases “Rely on your gut” and “Gut instinct” make more sense than you may realize! As a second brain, it may be more effective. It doesn’t have to contend with the judgemental “committee,” which lives in your left brain and will often try to talk you out of what you know in your gut to be true.

As an energy system, the digestive system is part of the third chakra. This area has to do with self-esteem, self-expression, an appropriate sense of responsibility, and having the confidence to “go with your gut.”

OK So lets get out gut healty with these affirmations:

With every breath I take, I am sending, love and gratitude to every single cell in my body.

Every part of me is getting the optimum benefit from this exercise!

With every breath I take, I am sending love, gratitude and healing to my stomach!

I release any fear, irritation, guilt, anger, worry, conflict, frustration, anxiety or insecurity I have stored in my stomach!

I release the belief that I just can’t digest things!

I release and completely let go of the idea that I have a bad stomach. I now recognise that my stomach is doing the very best it can to support me!

My stomach easily digests and absorbs all the nourishment and love I need!

Ok lets pray: – Deliverance Prayer For Stomach Problems:

Father, in the name of Jesus I choose to forgive everybody who has ever hurt me, disappointed me .I release them from anything they owe me and I bless them. I command my body to be healed from head to toe and to come back into complete alignment with the Word of God in the name of Jesus! I speak life into my stomach, bowels, and intestines. Glory to God the Highest!

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