One year Support & Encouragement Group – Morning Routine Affirmations

One year Support & Encouragement Group – Morning Routine Affirmations

Hi everyone its Shane and Welcome to our Friday 11th Jan 2019 one year support & Encouragement Group.  Today we are going to talk about How Positive Thinking Can Transform Your Life.

Did you know that the first hour of the morning is crucial? How you spend it will determine your experience of the rest of your day.

How did you start your day today? When you woke up, what were the first words that came out of your mouth? Did you complain? Did you think about what wasn’t working in your life?

What do you say when you first look in the bathroom mirror? What do you say when you take a shower? What do you say when you get dressed?

How do you leave your house for work? Do you just run out the door, or do you say something nice first?

What do you do when you get into the car? Do you slam the door and growl about going to work, or do you bless the traffic on your journey?

Too many people start off their day with “Oh, shit! It’s another day and I’ve got to get up, damn it!” If you have a lousy way of starting your day, you’re not going to have a good day—ever. It’s not possible. If you do your best to have the morning be awful, your day will be awful.

How I Set My Morning Routine

I have a little routine I’ve done for years. The moment I wake up, I I start my day with positive thoughts I tell myself things like: This is a good day. This is going to be a really good day.

Then I get up, use the bathroom, and thank my body for working well and say my regimented affirmations for health, abundance and thanking god for my faith.

Let’s affirm: Today I create a wonderful new day and a wonderful new future.

Plan out how you will begin your day with positive thoughts by creating a morning ritual for yourself. Create an affirmation for each step in your morning routine.

When you first wake up in the morning and open your eyes, say these affirmations to yourself: Good morning, bed. Thank you for being so comfortable. I love you. This is a blessed day. All is well. I have time for everything I need to do today.

Now take a few more minutes to relax and let these affirmations flow through your mind, then feel them in your heart and throughout the rest of your body.

When you’re ready to get up, go to your bathroom mirror. Look deeply into your eyes. Smile at that beautiful, happy, relaxed person looking back at you!

As you’re looking in the mirror, say these affirmations: Good morning, [Name]. I love you. I really, really love you. There are great experiences coming our way today.

And then say something nice to yourself like: Oh, you look wonderful today. You have the best smile. I wish you a terrific day today.

“Today is going to be a really, really good day.”

If you would like more examples of affirmations for your daily ritual checkout my website

Lets say a prayer

Lord, how I long to break free from negative thinking and embrace peace and joy and optimism. I invite You to begin transforming my thought patterns and help me recognize, reject and replace thoughts that are not pleasing to You.

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