One year Support & Encouragement Group –Gratitude.

One year Support & Encouragement Group –Gratitude.

Hi everyone, its Shane PT4theMind and Welcome to our Thursday 31 January twenty nineteen one-year support & Encouragement Group.  Today we are going to talk about gratitude.

We have so much to be grateful for. It’s amazing how in just 12 months can heal your life, we have so much to be grateful for.

When you express gratitude, you raise the vibrations around you to a higher frequency. You create positive energy that emanates out from you and returns to you as wonderful experiences. You become magnetic. Good things and good people gravitate toward you because you’re such a joy and delight to be around.

An attitude of gratitude is naturally attractive. It has the power to turn challenges into possibilities, problems into solutions, and losses into gains. It shifts the energy. It expands our vision and allows us to see what might normally be invisible to someone with a limiting attitude.

Gratitude is a prayer for goodness to abound. I think the words “ thank you” are two of the most beautiful words in the language. They can light up someone’s face and help the other person know that he or she is appreciated. It opens the doors to our hearts and allows us to feel connected.

Let’s spend as many moments as we can every day being grateful for all the good that’s in our lives. I find the best way to practise gratitude is the moment I open my eyes in the morning.

Affirm: I express gratitude and thanksgiving every day, in every way. Doing so is an important part of my life.

Let’s say a prayer for gratitude:

Lord, thank you for the goodness in my life. When I wake each morning, I praise Your name! You have given me life that is filled with beauty, and the breath in my lungs is a gift from You. I pray that You will fill my day with love and sustenance. And may I remember at the end of each of my day’s, to thank you for all that has been placed in my life. In Your precious name I pray these things!

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