One year Support & Encouragement Group – Cleaning out old energy!

One year Support & Encouragement Group – Cleaning out old energy!

Hi everyone, its Shane and Welcome to our Thursday 17th January twenty nineteen one-year support & Encouragement Group.  I hope your all feeling the great vibrations of 2019!

My message for today that it is essential to focus on your spiritual source for all your earthly needs.

Remember If you concentrate on scarcity or lack, that is what you will attract.  This is a time that calls for you to have faith, which will be promptly rewarded. If you have been searching for a sign THIS IS IT.

Today were going to talk about cleaning out old energy. From an energetic standpoint your living and working environment will feel much cleaner and more efficient whiteout excessive objects. A good rule of thumb is to lose any item you haven’t used for the past two years.

Lifeline or Anglicare will be happy to receive your unwanted goods. You’ll feel great if you schedule an afternoon for a massive cleanout day. By giving items aware, you automatically invoke the spiritual law of giving and receiving. This means that new items will come to you.

After you have cleared out unused possessions you will feel lighter and more organised.

Let’s say same affirmations for positive karma, giving and receiving.

I am grateful that I have now paid off all my karmic debts, now and in the future

My karma is always improving and getting better and better now.

I now successfully manifest all of my affirmations manifesting in the best of ways for anyone and everyone that does them. Thank you to the universal intelligences.

Let’s say a quick pray for today:

Dear Heavenly father I am now choosing to cleanse myself and release any and all thought forms, beings, situations and energies that are no longer of service to my highest good across all places of my existence, across all universes and across all lifetimes. I ask that all energies that are less than love be transmuted for the highest good of all. In your name, amen.

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