BAND TOGETHER Drought Relief Benefit Concert

BAND TOGETHER Drought Relief Benefit Concert

MORE than $7500 was raised last night for Aussie farmers.  We all know how tough the farmers are doing it at the moment, the drought is taking its toll and we all need to help.  Band Together was a benefit concert held at the iconic Selina’s venue at the Coogee Bay Hotel. Band together is endorsed by Aussie Helpers.

Aussie Helpers is a charity supported by local Author Shane Reynolds.

The musician line up last night was impressive with the best Sydney can offer in Rebecca Caruana Bryant Andre Keuneman, Nicky Kurta, Julz DiSisto, Harris Stamos, Dora D, Sam McNally, Dario Bortolin, Dave Anthony, Chris Kamzelas, Marc Malouf just to name a few. So generous and so amazingly talented.

Rebecca and Shane are also involved in the production of the short film ‘Four Generations for nothing‘  due to be released in the next two weeks depicting the confronting reality of the financial hardships our Australian farmers are facing, and how heartless mortgagees are preying on these Aussie heroes.

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