Shane Reynolds launches Crypto Currency Education website

Shane Reynolds launches Crypto Currency Education website

Crypto Currencies are rapidly becoming a trillion-dollar industry and many are discovering that block chain technology is the future of the world. The market cap as of November 2017 has surpassed $200 billion, with Bitcoin making up $120 billion of this.

Far too many people jump on bandwagons when it comes to investing, without taking the time to fully understand what it is they are investing in.  If you don’t have the time to research and gain an understanding of what you’re investing in, then hire someone who does. For more information about Crypto Currency Education visit my new website

My new book ‘Crypto Currency 101’ by Shane Reynolds will be released in February 2018 and is an informative, accessible guide to navigating the world of Bitcoin and Crypto Currency for the Australian Investor. The book offers advice for individuals and is enriched by background information about both the history of Crypto Currency and current investment opportunities in the market.

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