Shane Reynolds

Shane Reynolds (born November 9, 1982) is a Australian-born entrepreneur, businessman and specialist in mortgage lending (2001-2019). Shane has been widely involved in the finance industry in Australia for nearly two decades. Shane supports various NGO’s and charities in board positions and has published two best selling books. Shane is presently studying Science (Astronomical and Space Sciences Major) with a focus on Space Exploration Technologies. We are living in an era of unprecedented population growth. The planet will reach its population limit circa 2050. The duty of every intelligent species is to preserve life and the quality of our planets life-sustaining environmental resources. Humanity is at risk of self-imposed or accidental annihilation and for this reason Shane has dedicated himself to investing in preserving humanity.

Get A Second Opinion

‘Get a second opinion before you sign’ by Shane Reynolds is an informative, accessible guide to navigating the Australian lending/borrowing process.


The book offers advice for individuals and is enriched by background information about both the history of banking and current regulations and practices. The essential borrowers guide to 1st & 2nd tier lending, commercial finance, construction finance, preferred equity & distressed debt transactions in Australia.


‘There have been too many troubling incidents over recent times for them simply to be dismissed.”

– Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister, Speech to Westpac’s 199th birthday.

Reprogram Your Life

Reprogram your Life – Your life can be changed by reprogramming your inner belief systems and upgrading your frequencies. If you’re unhappy with your life, your accomplishments or your lack of financial and emotional security, Shane’s book will help. It can empower the reader to reprogram their inner beliefs and frequencies, so that you can charter them to your unlimited potential.


On Shane’s journey he has learnt healing techniques and embraced positive philosophy. Shane now teaches others to create more of what they want in their lives. In January 2017 Shane released his first book ‘Reprogram your LIFE’ published Balboa Press a division of Hay House founded by Shane’s mentor Louise Hay.

Prosperity House

Prosperity House was founded in March 2017 by families of the Gold Coast and is a not-for-profit organisation.

Prosperity House reaches out to those most in need in the Gold Coast community by offering no-cost health, well-being and support services to its patrons and is a LGBTI friendly establishment. The organisation presently operates as a referral service.


Prosperity House offer a variety of in-house services aimed at helping people of all ages and gender should they require essential day-to-day life skills and support.  Our professional and caring counsellors are essential in assisting our community on a daily basis by supplying valuable and necessary knowledge that enables those in need to know where and who they can turn to.


Shower Power

Shower Power – Change your life

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What are Australia’s Leaders saying about the Finance Industry?

“Retirees who have had their retirement savings gutted. Families have been rorted out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Small business owners who have lost everything. Life insurance policy holders denied justice. There are literally tens of thousands of victims, if not more. Enough is enough”


– Hon Bill Shorten MP, Leader of the opposition.