Shane Reynolds

Shane is an Australian inventor, writer and entrepreneur, best known for his books, ‘Reprogram your Life’, Get a Second Opinion Before you Sign’ and ‘Munted Soul’. Shane has over two decades of experience in investment management. Shane was inspired by Louise Hay who sold more than 50 million copies of her book ‘You can heal your Life’ in 30 languages. Get in touch with us today and together lets make a difference, every dream and a goal needs a plan.

Get A Second Opinion

‘Get a second opinion before you sign’ by Shane Reynolds is an informative, accessible guide to navigating the Australian lending/borrowing process.

The book offers advice for individuals and is enriched by background information about both the history of banking and current regulations and practices. The essential borrowers guide to 1st & 2nd tier lending, commercial finance, construction finance, preferred equity & distressed debt transactions in Australia.

‘There have been too many troubling incidents over recent times for them simply to be dismissed.”

– Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister, Speech to Westpac’s 199th birthday.

Reprogram Your Life

Reprogram your Life – Your life can be changed by reprogramming your inner belief systems and upgrading your frequencies. If you’re unhappy with your life, your accomplishments or your lack of financial and emotional security, Shane’s book will help. It can empower the reader to reprogram their inner beliefs and frequencies, so that you can charter them to your unlimited potential.

In January 2017 Shane released his first book ‘Reprogram your LIFE’ published by Hay House founded by Shane’s mentor Louise Hay. Shane is a certified Heal Your Life® Leader who is licensed by Hay House and authorised by Louise Hay to continue her teaching.


PT4THEMIND – Personal Development.

PT4THEMIND was registered on Valentines Day 2019. Shane Reynolds its founder is a licenced Heal Your Life® Leader who is licensed by Hay House and authorised by Louise Hay to continue her teaching. Shane loves motivating people to live their best life.  If you want to unlock your limitless potential and reclaim your power contact him for coaching. Sessions can be conducted face-to-face or via (online coaching) or you can attend one of his Heal Your Life® workshops based on the philosophy of Louise Hay.